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Why Order It?

As you might have heard, there is a microchip shortage! This affects many things from cell phones to dishwashers and you guessed it, cars! Because of this shortage manufacturers have reduced production on normal dealer stock inventory across the country but it does not always affect sold custom orders. That being said, when you meet with one of our Special Order Coordinators on site in Tacoma, Auburn or Enumclaw we can order you the vehicle of your dreams.


How Long Will This Process Take?

Ordering takes about 30 minutes with one of our Special Order Coordinators. Once you build your vehicle  the build and shipping process will take about 3 to 6 months at this time, we will keep you updated throughout its entirety.



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Special Ordering: Build and Price

Want to make sure you get exactly what you want with your new vehicle? Consider placing a special order with Universal Auto Group, so you can customize your Jeep build and price to your exact preferences! When you do, you can add all of the features, performance enhancements, color options, and more that you want, and mix and match everything to reach a price point you can afford. Read on to learn what you can expect when you factory order vs. buying off the lot, and then connect with our team to begin the process for yourself!

Custom Order Benefits

What’s the benefit of placing a special order for your new Dodge or new Chrysler instead of buying a model already in stock at our dealership near Seattle? Simply put, you are in the driver’s seat, creating exactly what you want from your new Jeep or new RAM. And rather than adding on accessories at a later date, you will have everything you want installed right off the bat.

Jeep Build and Price

Jeep provides legendary performance, and when you go through the process of customizing your Jeep build and price, your off-road prowess and on-road experience in the Tacoma area will adhere to your driving demands.

RAM Build and Price

Prefer a pickup truck? Create a RAM build and price to accommodate your needs, whether that means having heavy-duty towing equipment installed up front or incorporating elements that will help with adventures outside of South Hill.

Dodge Build and Price

Achieve your need for speed with a completely customized Dodge Charger or Dodge Challenger. Adjust the Dodge build and price to conquer the Tacoma roads!

Chrysler Build and Price

Finally, establishing your custom Chrysler build and price ensures that you and your family will be entertained, secure, and comfortable with every ride around Auburn.

Ordering a Car vs. Buying off the Lot: Which Is For You?

While a custom order has a long list of pros, it’s not always the best option for everyone. It all comes down to what you’re searching for! If you need to get into a car the very same week, you will have better chances of shopping what’s available on the lot. But if you want your dream car and you know the model can’t be easily found in the area, then you’d want to place a special order. The wait will be worth it and if the model is exactly what you have in mind, then time will only make you cherish it more on your commutes! As we’ve mentioned before, you will choose every little detail, so you won’t have to spend more on features you don’t care for. When you buy a brand new vehicle, you will probably use it for a while, so it never hurts to make sure you’re driving a model that you love.

Place Your Special Order Today!

Get your Jeep build and price or RAM build and price with Universal Auto Group today! Our experts can walk you through your options and create your special order, and we will keep you updated  as your vehicle comes together. We look forward to working with you!

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